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By nuts4hotwheels
Has anyone ever painted his or her yak? I thought that it would be cool to have a camo painted yak. I don’t intend on doing any hunting from it, but I just think that it would look cool, like a fishing commando. LOL! Pelican Castaways come in a Khaki Green color, so they would be easy to camo up.
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By Hookem
Camo, if not for the use of hunting wouldn't be a great idea, remember you WANT boats to see you.

On the other hand I know some tarpons were made in a camo type color, I dont know if they still make them.
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By Doug Poudre
Yeah, a while back, someone got drunk (go figure) and painted blue tiger stripes on their green kayak. Don't remember who it was, but it's been done.
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By dgax65
Malibu Kayaks has outfitted their Team OEX Pro staff with camouflage kayaks. They call it an arctic camouflage.


It probably isn't the safest color scheme for a kayak, but it does look very cool.
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By Crazy Yak
Now that's just cooool! MM I know you're going to see this, you need one of these camo kayaks.
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By nuts4hotwheels
THAT IS SWEET! That is like I had in mind. I just want something that makes my yak look different and I love camo.
By leejimaa
How about camo pattern in red, yellow and orange? Maybe red and yellow tiger stripes? I've thought about it a little, a little thought is about all I can manage!
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I painted a 4-wheeler with Camo ... walked right into it and hurt my knee cause I didn't see it ...
I'm keepin' my kayak bright yellow with reflective tape and I'd put neon lights and disco balls on it to be seen in the lake I go to with the drunk Stereo blastin weekenders and water skiers that don;t know what "NO WAKE" means..
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By DubyaG
Are you sure that's a yak? The picture looks like a Uboat rigged for fishing! Not a bad idea I might add. Little bitty torpedoes in the water aimed at giant Redfish zigging! BOOM. Got another one. You could put four or five of them together and have a wolf-pack fish hunt.
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JbVenable wrote:RPB What is the cost of that?

That one:

http://www.hammacher.com/publish/10343. ... at=1219020

Clear bottomed:

Ocean Kayak Peekaboo $552.31 to $800

Innovex Kayaks: $899 or so depending on model/single/tandem etc

Clear bottomed inflateables are about $400-$600

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