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TKF , Ocean Kayaks Pro Staff, and Artist Boats are proud to present Paddling Safety 101. The art of paddle and safety techniques for kayak fisherman.

This class will be taught by ACA certified instructors. This will be a basic ACA “Quick Start” class with some extra emphasis on safety and deep water recovery.

Class size will be strictly limited to 20 participants

All participants must fill out the attached waiver and bring said waiver to the class

DATE: Sunday June 11
TIME: 9 am to 3:30pm (Please arrive by 8:45, if you need to fill out your waiver)

Lead Instructor: Karla Klay from Artist Boats

Karla will have 3 of her own seasoned (ACA certified instructors) assistants. TKF's "Doug Poudre" will assist as well. I'll be there to heckle and harass all the participants and facilitate the event.

Location: Galveston, Texas – Texas A&M University at Galveston – Teichman Road Sail Team Facility

Directions: – Take I – 45 S to Galveston, exit at Teichman Road (first exit after you get off the causeway), right at stop sign, which is Teichman Road, follow road along and you will see a concrete wall on your left – look for chain link gates, enter through gates and take your immediate right, you will be able to see sail team boats and a small harbor with floating docks. There will be a small house on your left called Bennison Place. We will have class there and in the harbor.

Here's a general map of the area (ignore the street numbers I used to querry the map as they are not accurate for our location):

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q ... 3&t=h&om=1

Fee: $20.00 per person
Class is FULL as of 6/09/06

All participants must bring their own kayak, paddle, pfd, lunch, towel, and change of clothes. TKF will provide drinks and snacks.

I have some great door prizes for the participants too!

Thanks ya’ll!

Jeff Herman
Ocean Kayaks Pro Staff
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By Birdsnest
First twenty paid entrants are assured a spot in the class.

1. Mrs. Backlasher......... PAID
2. Harold Ray........ PAID
3. Castaway Kay....... PAID
4. BillyBadBass....... PAID for Zablailo
5. Chops....... PAID
6. TooManyHobbies....... PAID
7. This Side Up..... PAID
8. Late Start..... PAID
9. BayStalker..... paid...CANCELED Spot filled by Redrubi
10. OverRun....... PAID
11. 50+ Rookie..... PAID
12. Mont..... PAID
13. turtlebayfisher (Mona)
14. #17's son Hunter
15. Harv418..... Canceled, Spot filled by Viking
16. RigMover..... PAID
17. TKFStubb..... PAID
18. Back Off..... PAID
19. RatherBeFishin.... PAID
20. Filled
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By Harold Ray
Thank you all. This is great! The date works for me.

Where do I send the check, or are y'all set up for credit cards? Whichever is okay with me.

Thanks again,

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By Chops
Keep me on the list please. As soon as the info comes out, my payment will be there. Is there going to be additional training other than sfaety in this class. Some things like paddling technique and other things newbies need to know would be nice. :D
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By Paddle4Fish
Like how not to attract sharks and not look so tasty to sharks. :P :lol: How to bite a shark back if it bites YOU. :lol:
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By Birdsnest
Chops wrote: Is there going to be additional training other than sfaety in this class. Some things like paddling technique and other things newbies need to know would be nice. :D

Yes, the class will cover all the basics.
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By late start
Please add me to the list. :D
By Harold Ray
Buda Texas

Gene, I just noticed; you live near Cabela's! I was coming down there today but got tied up. Have to be another time.

By Baystalker
Please add me to the list.
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Please add me to the list. This is a great idea.
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By mario24
hello to all , new to this so please be gentle with me :roll:

please add me to the list . thank you
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By Birdsnest
Welcome aboard 50+!

Great to see it filling up so fast! I'll have limited internet access over the next few days, please PM Mrs B. if you'd like to be added to the sign up list.

Thanks Mrs B!
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By Mrs Backlasher
It's okay just to post here if you'd like to be added to the list.

I'll edit Birdsnest's post to add you.

Mrs. B
By Doc J
Sorry, but I'll have to bail. I work on Sundays. This will let someone else in.
By Mont
please add me to the list, thanks!
By turtlebayfisher
Please add my son and I to the list (2 participants).
Mona and Hunter Weaver

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By harv418
Put me down as participant and helper...
By Q-man
PMed you for availibility.

Edit- Mrs B. add me if there is room still.
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By Mrs Backlasher
Even though we've reached the class limit of 20, feel free to have us add you to the list. Some folks might drop out before June 11, plans may change, etc., or some may not get their fee paid by the deadline (don't panic - we haven't started paying fees yet and don't have a deadline date yet, either!)

So if you're interested in attending this class, post up here to get your name on the list.

Mrs. B
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By RigMover
Mrs. B,
Please add me to the list in case someone else cancels.

By RatherBeFishin
I also would like to be added to the list of participants, if room allows. I'm a relative newbie, with some kayaking experience, but safety instruction will make me feel alot more at ease.[/b]
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By Birdsnest
Details are confirmed. Please see the upadated sticky for payment info.
By rayb
If it's too late for this go round, I would like to be in on the next!!
By Harold Ray
Details are confirmed. Please see the upadated sticky for payment info.

Where is this? What is this?

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By Birdsnest

I meant that I updated my original post at the top of this thread. Most of the same info, but more details on date and time, and an address for payment. :D

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