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6 Reasons to Buy a Must-Have Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In the current modern lifestyle, bulky and heavy vacuum cleaners are no longer ideal for many cleaning tasks. Now there are many technology improvements and innovative advantages that make a handheld vacuum cleaner the perfect option to have in your cleaning arsenal. Let’s go over the 6 reasons why users say handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the best vacuum cleaners today!

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1. Perfect compact size

Most handy vacuum cleaners are smaller than normal vacuums. Some models are designed to mostly fit in your storage space like a shelf or corner of a wall or a laundry room. The compact size not only makes them easy to clean difficult-to-reach spaces but also flexible in conveniently cleaning any random places you want to keep free from dust and dirt.

2. Easy to carry


While some traditional vacuum cleaner models weight more than ten pounds, many handheld vacuum cleaner models weigh less than a half. It obviously shows that the handheld models are so lightweight that we can carry the machine around the house for some quick vacuuming with less risk injury. This is particularly convenient for elderly or young users. The type of handle is suitable for holding whether you are a left-handed or right-handed user.

3. Easy to use

A handheld vacuum is a great way to help your kids develop their cleaning skills from an early age. It’s perfectly compact and lightweight and incredibly easy to use around the living spaces. Its control panel is simple to use. Now that people of all ages use many different electric devices, everyone in your household will be able to use the handheld vacuum with ease.

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4. Ideal for quick cleanups

There are many kinds of messes but if you just need to clean a small area, using a handheld vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice, especially for pet hair. It only takes a few minutes to complete with a good vacuum cleaner .

5. Certainly helpful


Have you ever dropped a tiny item in a place you can’t reach? You just need a handheld vacuum and a pantyhose to resolve this common problem. Test the technique by putting an earring on the corner side of the couch. You need to stretch the pantyhose over the nozzle, turn the vacuum on, and run it over the area where you dropped the earring. The vacuum will pick it up, the pantyhose keeps it from being sucked into the machine. So, you will easily find it, that’s good life hack, right? Also, besides rescuing lost items, handheld vacuum cleaners can clean pet hair up and reduce the chance of infection from asthma and allergies. It can also remove dust or dirt easily from carpets, pillows, hard floors, and even clean the car seats and carpet with ease.

6. Affordable

Despite the high-tech and its value, handheld vacuum cleaners are generally affordable. The price will depend on brand, features and quality, they cost approximately $50-$75 on average. Most pet owners want to purchase one of the handy models to help keep their pet’s favorite areas clean.

For anyone who spends much time on house chores, a handheld vacuum cleaner is a must have to save time in cleaning and reduce stress by removing messes quickly. It’s considered one of the best essential appliances in most homes. Let’s hunt for Best vacuum cleaner for home so you can make your choice immediately!
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By karstopo
Me thinks this thread, the OP, has something in common with the all caps “TROUT IN THE SURF” OP and thread recently initiated. Something in the language that appears to be falling outside the realm of normal variation, a particular quality I find to be much more obvious in the Trout thread, but still...I wonder.

Are we dealing with humans here, excluding Ron and myself, or some kind of bot?
By Yak Dog
I like my light high and straight, gives the full 360 view. I use the extended pole from rail blaza it’s over 40” high when extended. Be safe out there
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