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By YakMack
Launched Saturday, 4 July 20 from the Port A ferry causeway looking for trout and reds in the grass. Covered a lot of area for the full day. Didn't catch a lot but learned a lot. Used a myriad of artificial lures - gulp and non-gulped. I think this area may be better with higher water levels and/or different water temperatures (shallow in the summer = hot, 90 degree water). Wind was howling like it was 2020. Pics attached.
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By Ron Mc
that's a good result for the heat. The fish kind of siesta in the day, with dawn and dusk the best times to fish.
That changes to glorious with cloud cover and summer pop showers.
Thanks for the photos.
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By Neumie
I focused in on you GPS track and just went :shock: holy heck, he paddled miles that day. Then I relazed you were in an inflatable boat; makes more sense.

Way to grind it out for some solid fish. I bet the shade was nice.
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By YakMack
It's a KaBoat - Kayak Boat. I did paddle some in the shallow areas 8) . Otherwise it was a 6 hp Mercury that allowed me to cover that much area. The southern wind had me drifting, even with a drift sock, at .8 - 1.5 mph. I got out and waded a good bit, too. My weekend in Port Mansfield recently has me OCD for some grass flats closer to home.

KaBoat is 14' Performance KaBoat ZK430
https://www.boatstogo.com/14-inflatable ... k430xl.asp
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By Chubs
looks pretty nice and you could probably get 2 in there if you wanted I bet. I considered some of the SeaEagle boats actually. They have some small solo options too which actually look very usable and to the point.
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By YakMack
Thanks. 2 is about the limit with a 6 HP. Took her out last weekend with 2 people and we hit about 9.5mph, but 7-8mph is the norm with all of our gear. I took 3 on an offshore trip out of PINS but the 3rd person was a 12 year old that didn't weigh much. I have my 12 footer coming later this month and I'm hoping less surface area will increase the speed some.
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