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By Squidward
Tomorrow looks like the best window for fishing this week. Low wind and 3 foot seas.

Anyone want to meet up at the PINS rig at sunrise?
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By Squidward
Morning waves were a little bit sporty but we made it through and out to the rig. Caught a mid sized jack before getting to the rig and caught a ton of blue fish jigging around the rig.

Action was getting a little slow until around 10am, some blue water got pushed close to the rig with the green/blue line dancing around the rig. Started to troll right on the line and caught a 30” Spanish along with two black tip sharks.

Couldn’t stay out all day so heading back to shore around 11. The wind and waves had died down and made it back through the surf like nothing.

Not sure where the kings were at but still a good day on the water.
Blue-Green Water.JPG
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By kickingback
Cool pic of water transition! Too bad you didn't find the kings. Great report. Thanks for sharing!
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By IrishSharker
I’ve fished the pins rigs a lot this year. The bluefish have been crazy thick this year. Pretty much pointless to jig at all

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