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By jrsac
Hello everyone! I am heading out to Lake Somerville this weekend and it is about 14.6 ft above full. I am looking to try to get into some catfish for a fish fry. I know how to catch a stringer full during normal lake levels. I am just wondering if I need to alter my approach while it is flooded or stick with what I know works on a normal day. This time of year they are chasing the shad so I am thinking they should be pretty shallow. If you have any experience with flooded lakes I would appreciate the input. This is me and my father in law this time last year. We had 48 by 9:30 AM. Thanks and tight lines!
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By SWFinatic
That's pretty high! If you can find a grassy bank in fairly shallow water that has a nearby drop off to a channel point that's where I'd start.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
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By jrsac
The wind was blowing away from the bank I had access to launch from. I couldn't find the bait fish with everything being up in the trees but it was still fun to be out on the water. It is a weird feeling paddling out to the middle of a lake on Memorial Day Weekend and hearing nothing on a popular lake. It is so quiet and peaceful. Just have to keep in mind a general sense of direction because all the usual landmarks are hidden. If you get the chance to safely explore a flooded area I highly recommend it!
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