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By Endo
Selling my kayak trailer. I have owned and used this trailer for a number of years and it has been very solid and never failed me.

It is a re-purposed galvanized jet ski trailer. Current set up is to carry one kayak with two extra large utility storage containers.

This trailer is registered in my name, so ownership transfer will not be an issue.

Description & Features:

• Galvanized trailer frame
• I completely stripped down and reconfigured this trailer about two years ago into this set-up you see here.
• At that time I added brand new tires, wheels, galvanized hubs, new bearings, bearing buddy caps/grease seals, new tongue, new wiring and new lights.
• Comes with two extra large 55 gallon rugged storage containers, hinged lids, bolted down to frame to keep your gear in.
• Light weight and simple compact design.
• It pulls straight and true

Send me a PM here if interested.

I'm located in the Austin area.


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