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By J McCoy
I've been eyeing JEMS build plans for a DIY Canoe solution, and I've narrowed it down to the three following hull designs:

Trapper 15-35, Muskoka, and Stalker 14-32 Square Stern

My Parameters are as follows:

No longer than 15' 6" due to storage constraints
600+ Lb capacity
Low draft
High stability
Will primarily be used on lakes, secondarily on streams and smaller rivers
Handles light chop well and inclement weather
Can handle two adult people, plus dog, plug guns and gear for hunting while maintaining a higher top speed when loaded
Ability to have motorized propulsion is a plus (which is why I have two of the three listed)
I intend to register it and probably will run at a minimum a 40-55lb thrust trolling motor, if not a 2.5hp eventually
Still want something that is manageable with paddles (Solo) and wont tire me out before I get to my destination.
Primary use is intended for waterfowl hunting, followed by animal (Deer, Hog) haul vessel back to campsite.

I've selected these based on the fact that you can still haul them on top a vehicle without trailer.

Suggestions on which design best fits my needs are greatly appreciated. Open to other suggestions outside of those three as well including other designers, or even a pre-made solution.

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