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By Aggroman

Hey guys, finally finishing up my trip report from our Pecos River trip last month. The minute we got back, work went into full force and haven't had the time to get it done like I usually do. Normally I make a huge post with tons of photos on here after I do it on my blog, but I can't copy and paste from there to here with all the photos, so I reluctantly have to use a link to it. If I don't, i'm afraid it won't ever get done knowing how long it's taken me so far...and I love sharing our adventures.

So kick back and paddle along with us on our adventure to one of the most amazing and wild places in Texas.


Thanks for coming along,
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By Aggroman
CopanoCruisin wrote:As usual, another great post. What a fantastic outing. And a brave lad you are, I do remember reading the post after the horrific outing that you previously had! ..........cC

Thanks! The weather turned out great while we were there. No clouds the entire time. The next weekend it got bad and the river rose some.
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By Earl
Great write up on part 1. Waiting on the rest now. Good times with your son and friends. Your Pecos trip reports are sure getting me stirred to make a trip down that river. Beautiful country and water.

Thanks for the great report,


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