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Looking for a property along the coast that is so far out of the way some utilities may be optional. Would be open to ideas if anyone has any.

On a side note understand to get the secluded, remote, desolate place were looking for we may just have to camp it out. I'm just concerned because of all the bad stories about heading down the PINS. Anyone been down there this year or recently? Are there any inlets along the coast that are kayak-able or is it all inn the surf? Lots of newbie dumb questions I'm sure, but it's the only way to shorten the endless learning curve. Planning an early to mid April trip. Anyone thinking of going at that time and looking to mentor????

Thanks for the help in advance guys...
I have place north of Smith Point on Trinity Bay That is pretty much hidden from view and the eyes of others. Quiet, good fishing, lots of wildlife and birds, and no light pollution at night.
The house is comfortable and has all the comforts needed for full time use, including Dish.
It's on a protected grassy lagoon with a 70 foot dock and t-head.
It's for sale now and also available for weekend and weekly rentals.
Call if interested,
Garry 832-552-9117
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