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By krfish
BossWes wrote:Yes, this is still the way. I sent my payment last week and they came in a couple days.

Thank you sir

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By TroutSupport.com
Tom... hope you're doing well.

Favor.. hey, on the bottom the following thread there is a reply from AggieYaker... it says something good about the dvd, but then goes on to say he selling his copy on ebay and advertises it on this thread about the DVDs... it just looks bad and gives others the idea that they could do that as well.. Can you please delete his post. One, this aint the classifieds. Two, this aint the classifieds.. it was sorta low class to, not something you'd expect from an aggie... maybe he's not an aggie at all.

It's on the bottom of this thread

thanks Tom.
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By Xrayman refugio
TKFStubb wrote:Our store is still in transition, so if anyone needs stickers (strip of 3), please send a check or money order for $6.41 along with your address to
207 Pinehurst
Sour Lake, TX 77659

And we will mail them back to you.
We can't accept credit cards or Pay Pal right now.
Thanks for your support!

Please do not use our PayPal account at this time!

Does this way still work to get stickers?

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