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Alright guys,
I have the video of the tournament finished. Wish my video crew hadn't gotten called out of state, but my daughter took these pics. I had a great time meeting new kayakers and swapping fish stories. Thanks again to Ninja (Jim) Your place was the perfect spot! Also thanks to Dustin for being the official weigh-master! Thanks to all the guys for your participation and help in clean up. Everyone seemed to have fun, maybe we will do it again next year.


I met Tom Guff once. Then he disappeared. Has not logged into the board in more than two years. I wonder what happened to him. Saltykat used to fish with him from time to time, and I think Karstopo knew him also.
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Shoffer, Tom was a self-employed insurance agent from the Matagorda area and fun to fish with.
He was once active on TKF, but like many old salts, has gone missing.

I hope it wasn't because I once jokingly called him GAY in a rollicking TKF thread...
Hell, I called Saltykat gay, too. As far as I know, he's still on our team.

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