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By Aggroman
I posted this in Freshwater, but since this was more of camping and yakking than fishing, I put it here as well.

Finally finished up the video from our trip last month. It's a bit long At 18 minutes, but I didn't want to edit a lot of things out. That's really not bad, considering I had near 10 hours of footage on 4 different cameras over 2 days on the water. This was a trip to remember for us, so I wanted to be able to document it the way I wanted. That and while doing research for the trip, I wasn't finding very much out there, so I thought I would get more than I need and share.

http://www.scentofafisherman.com/2013/1 ... video.html

Thanks for coming along,
By sandermi
Scott great video. What part of the Pecos is that. I noticed no bad rapids. I am wanting to do a trip this spring. Any advice is welcomed.


By tray
WOW!!!! Awesome video. I swam in the Pecos once, it was somewhere SE of Carlsbad under a bridge, the company my brother worked for at the time had a BBQ get together(circa 1983), it was a long trek all the way from Hobbs, NM. That river is truly magical, and not a very crowded one to say the least. Thanks for posting.....brought back ALOT of old memories!!!! Man if we'd had go pros back in the 80's.......AW HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Aggroman
rockin4m wrote:Great video, if you don't mind, where did you put in at?
Thanks very much for sharing.

We put in at the Pecos Ramp just below Highbridge and headed up river. It's a few miles west of Comstock.
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By Aggroman
tatumedic wrote:Awesome video, thanks for sharing. I live in Del Rio and never get tired of seeing pics, vid from others trips to this area....


Thanks Bruce.

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