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By tw1nny03
I'm a believer of ghost. Everytime I go night fishing, I think about ghost. One time going home from Texas city dikes at 3am. I was on I45S. As Im passing under an overpass bridge, there was a man standing under the bridge with no head. I later did a google map search of the place of the occurrence. I found a cemetery near the place where I saw the headless man.

Thanks for making this thread. I really enjoyed reading capt bills story.
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By Cruisin_Cuda
Cadiyak Sam wrote:That was a great thread. I'm thinking Blair Witch Project 3: TKF edition :shock:

heck yeah and maybe this time someone might actually watch it! :lol:
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By osoobsessed
not only on PINS around the Devil's Elbow, but also around the jetty and over on mustang island.

crazy stuff at night, fished that beach for years.....love it!
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By Rell
That is NOT cool. I just got back from a week down at the cut camping on the sand near the jetty. All alone for most of the week except one other soul camped down along the channel, and later the weekend crowd that started showing up on Thursday. Setting up camp at night and fishing in the dark I kept hearing someone saying "Hey!" and what sounded like my name but I chalked it up to birds... I was planning on going back but I'm now having second thoughts. :? With tmobile I don't get enough signal to phone the ghost busters, so I'm not sure its worth the risk.

*After doing some quick bird call research, nothing really sounds like what I heard, but it could have been blue heron croaks distorted by the wind and surf. Yes I'm sticking with that.
By tw1nny03
rugby wrote:Creepy but I still want to go. After I read the links I started looking for more stories.

U should post the stories u found. I would like to read it.
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By topout24
I've been looking up beach ghost stories since I've read this post and slot of them match up to each other. I think encountering a ghost on the beach got added to my bucket list.

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