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By dhays
My wife and I spent a couple days camping and kayaking at Tyler Lake Sate Park this week. We set up camp in a nice shady campsite close to the water. We paddled around the small lake, but didn't get to do much fishing. My kids live in Tyler, and came out to eat supper both nights. They had fun kayaking and swimming. The park has a nice swimming beach with a bath house and small park store with Blue Bell ice cream. We had a great time, and would recommend this small park. Here are a few pictures of our trip.
I'm ready.
Wife in her kayak
Tent set up in the shade.
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By cliftonio
Has anyone been there recently?

Dragging the trailer up there next week for an extended weekend. All reports I saw on YELP state its "THE SPOT".

Hope to do some yakking (fishing will be a plus), biking and hiking.
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By cliftonio
*****Horrible Park, don't go, it SUCKED*******

nothing to see here move along! :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :dance:

This is a great park. Highly recommend to anyone. Even caught two catfish (both nearly took my fishing rods), campsite was on the lake.

Fishing, biking, hiking trails. I should have brought my yaks (ran out of time packing gear and they were left behind). I will next time. They have canoes, paddle boats and Johnboats for rent.

Even the drive was nice, TX 19 most of the way.
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