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By Yakoff
Found this a couple of weeks ago while chained to the wife at Babys R Us.... and an instant thought came over me... "that will fit in my rod pod", I've tried it out for a couple of trips and so far so good. so good I felt I should share with the rest of the Prowlers...
2012-05-13 19.18.50.jpg

:arrow: Its got pouches on all four sides, both inside and outside.
:arrow: Slides from bow to stern, allowing me to access the rest of my goodies
:arrow: completely collapse able should you find the need.


it rang up for less than 25 bucks, I also use 6x9 plastic trays from Lowes to keep items readily available instead of rolling around inside the yad.
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By kneekap
Organization! Key to no wasted time trying to fish(pun intended)stuff out of yak
interiors. Looks like a pretty good idea. Think I have seen car trunk organizers
in the auto section that are similar.

I have an older BGP. I suppose I would have to cut out the bottom of that center tray
to open mine up. It is so shallow, I am getting no use out of it now.
By hipshot
If you don't want to store stuff under the pod that you need to get to while on the water (like me), this may come in handy:

A plastic 3 lb. Folgers coffee can just fits under the pod. You can put your wallet, handgun, and car keys in it, snap the lid on it, and put it under the pod. It'll still be right there at the end of the day; it's a snug enough fit that it doesn't move. Your stuff stays dry and you don't have to fish it out of a far corner of the hull.
Awesome find! Spent 1/2 hour at Target looking for the right size plastic boxes to fit under the pod. Never did find what I was looking for. Also, instead of removing pod to access it, I just unclip the near strap and loosen the far one. Kind of like acts like the hinge they have on the new ones
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