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By flatfishcharlie
I finally finished my milk crate :) (thanks for the donation Backlashers :wink: ) I also installed the new anchor trolley that I won at the expo. The "StakeOutPole" looks pretty cool too 8) .
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By Mrs Backlasher

That looks GREAT! You made quite a haul at the Expo! I'm proud of you.

It looks like you've got everything right about where it needs to be, too. How will you be able to keep it out of the water until you get a day off???

Mrs. B
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By Backlasher
Looks good Charlie! Let's go fishing to try it out.
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By Night Wing

If you can't get down to the coast anytime soon to try out your new rigging setup, along with all the new toys you won, there is always Lake Woodlands. :wink:
By Flyfisher
Wow! Good looking boat. Now all you need is a sail! LOL

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By flatfishcharlie
I don't have any time to fish this week, but next weekend is looking good. I think it's gonna be a long week :|
By Ranch Hand
I am impressed with that 140 :!:
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By Night Wing
flatfishcharlie wrote:I don't have any time to fish this week, but next weekend is looking good. I think it's gonna be a long week :|

I'm on vacation next week starting Sunday, October 3rd. Maybe we can get together one day next week.
By lpm
Great looking yak!

I can just picture myself in one of those so badly that it hurts.

But the wallet says I have to stick with what I got for now.

Hope you are able to get it on the water soon. I know that if it were me, it would drive me crazy to have to look at a new toy and not have the time to use it. Would be like knowing the cookies are in the jar, seeing the cookies in that jar, but the cookies are just out of reach no matter what you stand on.
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By Texan
A lean mean fishing machine, looks awesome! Good Job Señor.

What kind of light is that and how do you have it rigged? Is it easily removed and/or installed?


Keep pluggin my friend, we have all been there. When you do get the kayak of your choice you will only appreciate it that much more!
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By Fubar
I don't see the the kitchen sink? Heaven forbid you flip that thing :shock:

I know when you eat it skiing its called a "yard sale",...now when you flip your yak, what's it called...."Sunken treasure"?
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By Efrain
Now that is a kool looking kayak!
Seems like you took every rigging tip in this board and put it all together in that kayak...

Can it fish?

Let us know.
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By flatfishcharlie
I,m glad that my kayak has been deemed "acceptable" by my peers 8).

As for the light, It is a standard boat light that costs $10.00 at academy. I stripped it down to the tube at the base and fattened it up with a few layers of electrical tape, just enough for a snug fit into the short length of pvc that is mounted to the crate. I then lenghthened the wires to reach the battery with a little slack (I use a small battery used to operate deer feeders) the light is completely removable, and it will work just fine, but I do plan to buy one of those orange ones at FTU that use 2 AA batteries and are weather resistant.

As for the kitchen sink: I keep it in the front hatch with the sub woofers and the 15 disc changer :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Texan
I suspected as much but wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth :lol:

I have been kicking around ideas for the light but didn’t want it to look rigged 8). I have thought about those @ Academy but wasn’t sure how to get 2 an 2 to = 4 :idea:. Definitely looks good, nice work!
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By CaptDick
Way cool lookin T140....got one just like it sitting in my garage :D

Looks like you had no problems installing the CaptDick Anchor Trolley Kit and StakeOutPole.......please let me know how they work out for you.....and thanks for posting the pictures of the products CaptDick Enterprises donated to TKF for the Expo......

Kayak Fishing Accessories
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By Jerry-rigged
Hey FFC-
Stick with the light you have. The whole point of having a light is to be seen by powerboats. Back when CM had that nighttime shindig, we all got a pretty good look at a lot of different lights. The best lights (that is bright and easy to see at 100 yds) were:

1.The 'big' lights powered by 2 d-cells. Your 12v light should be a bit brighter - brighter is better.

2. The little orange lights were a disappointment to me. If you were close (<20 yds) they seemed real bright. But the light is very small, and at 50 yds, they were hard to see. If you knew where to look, they still seemed bright, but they were hard to pick up on if you didn't know they were there.

3. The worst light that night was on my boat - a 'glow' light stick - it was not bright enough to worth much other than the 'legal' light - if it would really pass that. Flatfish may have tied me for last place with his 'lowrider' light - it was a good D-cell light, but it was mounted so low that if he was paddling your way, you couldn't see the light at all.

I now have a 2-'D' cell light on a 4' stick to drop in a spare rod holder. $9 at Academy, but the pole it came with was to short. Get a piece of 1/2" PVC - it will replace the stock pole perfect.

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By purpleTdude
Hey dude...that thing looks perfect...I really like those tarpons! Now that's a fishing machine. I finally found a great reason to have a swimming pool...lol. You can experiment right at the house in deep water. I can even manage to paddle mine around abit..although its pretty much a constant turn...lol. PTD 8)
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flatfishcharlie- awesome yak. I carry alot of stuff too but it doesn't look as organized as that. Just make sure it is all tethered. I turtled mine once and did not lose anything important.

Question: What kind of seat cushion is that?

Captdick: sweet avatar.


FOX (Stuart)
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By flatfishcharlie
J.R., Thanks for the heads up on the lights. This light is fairly bright, and it will go all night long with the 12v.
Fox, the seat is called a "hot seat" I bought it at Fishing Tackle Unlimited for $20. It has an adhesive on the underside that is very strong. Once you stick it, it stays stuck. It is comfortable while paddling, but not sitting side saddle. I do like it though.
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By Pogo
Charlie, lookin' good, dude!! You really DID tear it up at the Expo, and it's nice to see you puttin' all the loot to good use so quickly. Kinda gives the rest of us a little vicarious satisfaction.

The more I think about it, the more I believe I shoulda won something for runnin' that race, and givin' rolling demonstrations. Maybe a Stupidest Kayaker Award, I dunno. I really shoulda kept my butt in a lawn chair... it may be a while before I get in a yak agin.

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By flatfishcharlie
I think they should have at least given you one of those little handicap signs for your kayak, and a better parking place :lol:
I will be looking for you at the rollover gathering.
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By Pogo
I tried for a handicapped parking space at the outset, but Larry quickly found me out, and kicked me back into the south forty personally! The rat...

I'm making no plans for the Rollover thing at present, mostly because I'm way too sore right now to even think about goin' fishin'. But if you want to pardner up and take care of me like you did at the Expo, I may reconsider...
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By CaptDick
That pic was taken at the USGP at Indy last year. I was there with my buddies who do Raceday on Fox Sports Radio and we thought it was appropriate have a picture with the Speed TV girls. Unfortunately it was a CPR deal - Catch - Photo - Release :wink:

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By paulk1987
nice kayak man. i just won a tarpon 160i in a contest and hopefully over time will get it nice as yours!

By Slingshot
I wish you could see that kayak now. It has a few miles on it. Actually charlie doesn't even own it anymore. He is a Liquid Logic man now.
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