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First things first, I already have a SOT fishing yak and plan on keeping it. With that said, call me lazy, but I really like the idea of the self propelled yaks. I figure that gives me more time to cast instead of paddling, and would be nice for when i want to go out and do some photography from the yak (hard to hold the camera and paddle without it getting dripped on). Plus I am thinking it would just be fun to have one. I was looking at the Hobie MirageDrive series and the Native Ultimate 14.5 Propel. I was really hoping to try the two out seeing as the pedal motion is a bit different. Id also like to see how they handle since i would be dropping a decent bit of cash on it.

First thoughts are that the Native is more of a sit in canoe as opposed to the hobie which is a SOT kayak. I do like the Hobie because if i ever get really lazy i could always add the evolt kit! Of course the Native seems to have enough room for me if i wanted to throw my scuba gear in it for a yak dive where as the Hobie doesnt seem to have that kind of room. Any input is appretiated so swing away.

So...... anyone near the houston (im in NW/Cypress) have either one of these they would be willing to let me take for a quick spin sometime? I'll buy the drinks afterwards!

Both systems are the same yet different. Same in that its an alternate use of propulsion, hands free, lots of torque for windy days, limited by water depth, and some other minor claims.
Hobie, leave in place and you can cheat a little until deeper water is found, but also has less draft when not in use due to fins folding to the bottom, but only about an inch worth.
With the Propel, its either all the way up or down. Fully extended, the Hobie draws about the same water as the Propel. The Hobie uses a back and forth motion where the Propel has a circular motion just like a bike. The main difference is the Propel can be reversed to slow down, stop or reverse the kayak.
You may also look at the Mariner from Native. Its a sit on top design with a large flat deck on the rear.
I have owned a Hobie Outback, Native Ultimate Propel, and my wife has a Hobie Sport.
You really need to test out both and paddle each craft. The Outback is a tub to paddle, the Revo and Adventure are alot easier to paddle. The Native Ultimate 14.5 and Mariner also are good paddling craft.
If in my neck of the woods, Rockport, you are welcome to try out my Mariner.
I have a Hobie Pro Anger (an aircraft carrier) with both the mirage drive and the eVolve motor system. If you know a handy place to demo, I would be willing. I live in Cypress, too.......Longwood.

The Pro Angler may not be a good test boat as it is so big........you wouldn't be comparing apples to apples with the native kayak.......more like apples to watermelons.

Someone already suggested Austin Canoe and kayak demo days and I know they will have the all model of Hobies and perhaps the native boat.
Reefmike wrote:ACK is having their demo days in Houston 3/27 - 3/28 http://www.austinkayak.com/demo.php

Awesome! I will plan on doing this. If for some reason I don't make it, I may give you other guys (Tombo and Mythman) a shout about a test drive. Of course, I was just in Corpus this past weekend (no yak), but I may be able to make another drive down with my yak this time. Thanks.
well i read a lot and went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Native ultimate 14.5 propel. I am picking it up this saturday. its brand new and it was on sale for $1449 :shock: , so i couldnt pass it up. just too good of a deal. as soon as i get it rigged up, ill be hitting you local cypress boys up for some fishing!

EDIT: Haha, the guy called me saying they couldnt find the one I wanted. Then he told me he would order me the same one with the angler package on it for the same price for the inconvinience! Wont get it for about 3 weeks, but i think its worth the wait and he said I can have a loaner for the time being! :mrgreen:
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