Guadalupe Trout spots

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Guadalupe Trout spots

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Anybody with experience fishing the trout in the Guadalupe? I’m looking at some places to stay on the river and trying to pick a decent spot with fishing access… curious if anyone knows how far up the river the trout go, right up to the damn? I see there’s a zone 1 and zone 2 with different slot limits, does that mean it’s generally larger fish up river? Are there parts that are too deep or fast to wade? Am I likely to find success without a guide or would that be priceless experience?Thanks for any insight!
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Re: Guadalupe Trout spots

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Hi - Things may have changed in the last couple of years, but it used to be that fish were stocked from four locations between Canyon Lake dam and New Braunfels. The cold water coming out of the dam will sustain the trout & fishing longer as the weather begins to warm. Not sure what camps/guides survived through the last two years so I will not venture a recommendation. I think that the best way to fish, if you don't have great lease access, is floating in a kayak or float tube.
Serious question: are you a local, or will you be driving in and staying in a hotel or fishing outfitters' place? You mentioned maybe hiring a guide. If this is going to be a 3-day weekend (or more) that involves significant driving, and not a day's outing before or after work I would suggest you seriously consider NM or CO. Just my two cents.
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