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By txanalogkd
Took the kayak out today but got skunked. My intentions were to get there for the falling tide but Houston traffic delayed my trip. I noticed a lot bait working but could not get a fish to comment to my soft plastics and vudu shrimp.

Regardless, it was a great day to be on the water.
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By Dandydon
Thanks for your fishing report notwithstanding the skunk trip. You can learn from every trip, even if the lesson is dealing with Houston traffic or which lures are effective.

We'll look forward to hearing about your future catches.

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By mwatson71
Christmas Bay/Churchill Bayou/Cold Pass/Titlum Tatlum is maybe my favorite winter fishing spot so if you ever want to meet up, let me know.
By txanalogkd
Thanks all! I normally put in at the ramp near Churchhill; the old Ernie Bait Camp. I like fishing the marsh between the ramp and the put in for Arcadia.

Many years ago, my dad and I would wade fish this whole area, so this area has a special place in my heart.
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By karstopo
Christmas Bay is a beautiful place to fish. The fish don’t always seem to around, though. Some of my most memorable trips have been out there. I try to get out to that bay a few times every year. November is generally a good month for Christmas bay. I went twice this past November and it was as slow as I had ever seen it for a November.

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