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By karstopo
[img]Launched at 07:40. Water very low, streaky green. Caught a hefty mid slot at 08:00, current was almost nonexistent. Fish was in about 12-18” water and went for a black and tan redfish crack. Moved around some, caught another redfish, 22” same depth, same fly. Tide started coming in more. Caught a small flounder, then one about 16”. Flounder came on hammertime in 2-3’ of water. Moved around to a secondary drain that was about a foot deep. Saw a redfish coming towards me along the edge in 6” of water. Tossed the fly over about 35’, fish swam by it without seeing the fly. Picked up and tossed the fly 20’, fish was maybe 6-8’ away from the fly and closing .When the fish closed to about 3’ from the fly, I gave the redfish crack a little nudge, the redfish went for it! Yippee, that was fun. Another hefty mid slot. That was about 9:30.

5 fish total. Home by 10:30.
By OldTownYakBoi
Great detailed report and pics Karst! Good to know they’re out there still being caught shallow. Your reports about fly fishing in the yak makes me want to get a fly rod myself. Maybe one day I’lol take that challenge on

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By Ron Mc
finally settling down around here - I owe you a couple of attaboys on great outings, nice fish, and great reports.
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By karstopo
Absolutely, y’all look like everyone had a great time down on the Arroyo. Glad to see some life on TKF. I’m glad to be fishing again. Hope to have something to report again before too long.

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