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By bigcorvina
Three kayaks ... there at opening 7 AM ... no real fish caught by anyone. Water was very calm, and it was a beautiful day, but there were no material fish caught. 1 rat red, ~ 3 medium croaker, ~ 5 grunts, ~10 small catfish. Nice day, but a lousy day for fishing the bay at GISP. Also, they have modified the access area so all kayaks need to be carried over this short boardwalk.
By Tenore
Yes, I dislike those boardwalks. Instead, try the far west launch at Jenkins bayou (photo). Less people know about this. You can drive to the water’s edge, unpack and then move the car to the nearby parking area. There usually is a lot of bait fish action on that side of the park. If the marshes are not producing, then try going to the Jamaica Beach canals and/or the jetties for deeper water.

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