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By Prof. Salt
I always try to make my way up to the local river for the white bass run, and this year the Nueces was so low that it required a bit of searching to find suitable spots. It quickly became clear that power boats could not launch or navigate in the river, so I looked forward to the quiet times fishing without the big crowds. After putting in the miles to locate good structure, I was relieved when a few fish started to show up in the shallow spots. The fish often moved and were not usually aggressive in biting, but that's all part of the fun. I knew fish were in the river somewhere, so I would keep searching and casting into every likely looking spot until I located them. Many trips featured over a hundred fish being released, and a little Schminnow style fly that I was tying up worked great. It pushes a little bit of water on the retrieve, so I could get attention by making sharp, short strips or get a different kind of attention with smooth and slower strips of the fly line. One approach would work for a while and then go cold, so I'd switch it up and continue catching fish. Winds became a problem for the 2wt a few times, so I switched to the 4 wt and casted into the wind as needed.

The run is just about over now and I managed 1,031 fish on the fly. Not a bad year for such low water levels!

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By Ron Mc
lotsa eats there - great report and photo.

Also for folks north, note the white bass runs go with the redbuds - the good runs in the Guadalupe and Highland Lakes arms are yet to peak, and below Center Point and Ingram, you can catch white bass into June.

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By Prof. Salt
TexasJim wrote:Everyone should read Glenn's(ProfSalt) article on White Bass on the Fly in the March 26 issue of Saltwater Angler Magazine, page 40. You can find it online at http://www.saltyangler.com. Good read. Thanks, Prof! TexasJim

Glad it found someone who got some use out of it!

...now if I could just get the editor to quit monkeying with the punctuation in every article I submit. :monkey: It flowed better and was technically correct when I submitted it. :?
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