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What a great weekend camping and fish Lake Conroe.
The plan was to camp at Stubblefield campground and fish the river for white bass. The whites were running last weekend pretty good.
Campground was full.
Plan B: Drive through the National Forest find a place to camp overnight. Found a spot about a 100 yards from the lake probably a mile south of FM 1375 bridge where we paddled out.
My buddy caught 4 large mouth and lost a few including a huge bass Saturday. I caught 3, lost 3. One of them pulled line out and straightened my hook on my little jig and came off before I could see it. Back to camp for the night, steaks for dinner over the fire. Sunday morning had some coffee and back at it.
Slower day Sunday, only caught 2 but one was a personal best. 24", probably close to 9lbs!!!! It was a tank!! Largest bass I ever held! Fishing Sunday morning I got to watch 2 Bald Eagles doing an air dance with each other over the lake. To cool.
Life is good!
Yak Dog wrote:Looks like fun I need to get back out there, did y’all happen to hook up with any crappie

That was our original plan to fish for crappie and white bass at stubblefield. Last weekend we caught some whites and 1 big crappie.
Stubblefield park was full and the road was lined with people so we opted to find more solitude on the main lake. Glad we did. Believe it or not Saturday we couldn't catch a fish unless we were throwing a small crappie jig.
I caught the big one on a 4" white curly tail on a 1\4" jig head.

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