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By Crusader
Here is a business idea -- bent rods! (i.e. manufactured to be bent without any load) I need to patent this... :mrgreen:
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By Ron Mc
Way back in the 80s, we were fishing with a guide on California hole - it was a dreary day in the low-40s, and all the guide boats were stacked up on California hole.
The other boats were all fishing shrimp on a popping cork and catching rats.
We pulled the head-shell off our live shrimp and fished them on the bottom - we were hauling in keepers (before slot).
The guide kept telling me to high-stick the rod to show off for him, but I always use the butt to fight big fish, and his request went against my nature.

I normally don't find memes funny, but ya gotta love Johnny Quest with Race Bannon guiding.
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By Kayak Kid
Capn' Jack. How the heck are Ya?

Good to know that you're still around, and still laughing at the absurdity that pops up now and then.
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By CaptJack
Kayak Kid wrote:Capn' Jack. How the heck are Ya?
Good to know that you're still around, and still laughing at the absurdity that pops up now and then.

a number of years ago i started the OldSmokey BBQ group on Facebook.
made in Houston, in the same building since 1923 ;)
i forget to check in on the message boards unless i see something that just has to be posted
By junkyard chihuahua
great meme!

And, I am on my 3rd or 4th Old Smokey. I love those bbq's... I have absolutely loved wearing each one of them out...

and that ain't easy to do...
By TrumpkinTheDwarf
I and some buddies have been known to really fight fish with the rod tip low for this very reason. Also been known to kinda just let the dinks shake themselves off if there's too many folks around. :lol:
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By karstopo
My fishing buddies from the 1980s dropped their fish fighting rod tips to the water if a boat cruising by was within sight, I learned about that trick way back then.

The worst is the surf because the action can be furious and it’s hard to keep your head on a swivel 24/7 watching out for every potlicker that is driving the beach if you are intent on fishing. I literally had a very bold or perhaps imbecile potlicker come up behind and within 15 feet of me on my blind side, this while I was slinging flies, to potlick on some trout action in a wide open no one nearby weekday surf.

I say to him in a speaking voice since he was so very close “did you not see me fishing here?” At that time he was essentially standing about where I was casting to, but only much closer to me. I get a shoulder shrug. So I say “ well, that’s a real good way to get stuck by a hook since you just walked right through my backcast” another shrug.

Thinking about it now, maybe the guy was a foreigner or something, because he never uttered a single word. He kind of moved off out deeper and a little out of casting range, but now in my line of sight. He fished the second gut and I did not see any hook ups, but the fish were in the first gut, that fact he never understood.

Had a boat full of drunks once, the captain the loudest and drunkest of the bunch, motor right into the exact spot I was fishing and staked out in my kayak catching flounder. They actually motored over and over the spot again and again because he was so drunk and they couldn’t seem to manage the anchor and boat positioning. It was actually comical how pitifully they managed the whole operation. Water wasn’t all that deep around this structure the flounder were on and the boat of drunks then kind of moved off a little, but the damage was done.

I broke one of my discontinued short stix fly rods worrying about potlickers driving bryan beach fishing in the surf there instead of paying attention to what I was doing trying to bring to hand a 2 pound or so trout. I don’t know for sure what I did to break the rod, but I do know I was getting annoyed with people pulling up to fish.
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By chicken...
Thanks CaptJack,

I spit my tea all over my computer when I saw your post :lol: . Haven't heard that word in about 5 years.

Happy Fishin'
chicken... :wink:
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By impulse
The guys I get a kick out of are the ones working under the only flock of birds for miles in any direction, or fishing the only charted wreck for miles, or the only visible oil rig, then get angry when others pull up to share.

Last year, a buddy and I were trolling around the 8 mile rigs off Galveston and actually hacked off some people who had tied up to one of them, claiming it as their own private space for the day. We just chuckled and trolled off toward the other one.

It's one thing to chase after bent rods. That's not the same as looking for fish signs and known structure, and realizing we have to share the 2% of the water that holds 75% of the fish. And it's only going to get more crowded as the Texas population grows.

Another reason I love my kayaks. I can get to water that nobody else can reach with other means.
By Kayak Kid
During my earlier power boat days, or those of my recent kayaking days, I never really got upset when a boat pulled up next to me to fish the same water I was fishing. I just figured they hadn't yet learned the rules of the road, and meant no harm. Pulling anchor and moving elsewhere was my means of handling the issue.

My attitude was not so forgiving when I was set up on a drift. Someone boating across my obvious drift area was subjected to a loud inference as to the state his mental capacity.

The past twenty years of retirement offered a more leisurely pace to my life. The kayak offered me an opportunity to get away from the exponentially increasing gulf coast boat traffic. A quick perusal of google map prior to my fishing trip, gave me a good idea of where to locate an isolated spot.
By SWFinatic
I really enjoy being able to take the kayak into back lakes where most boats don't go. Sure beats launching at a boat ramp or fishing a busy flat. But the one thing that is happening more and more in the back lakes is close calls with air boats. They're getting really popular and they are the ones that can get where kayaks can (and can't). Couple of months ago I was fishing a back lake throwing a soft plastic with a popping cork. Had an air boat run between me and my popping cork over my line.
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By impulse
Years ago, my parents had a house at the end of a canal on Lake Conroe. On the weekends with big time tournaments, I used to sit on the back porch and watch the endless stream of boats trolling up, fishing under the dock and leaving. Before I witnessed it myself, I thought the later anglers were wasting their time fishing water that had already been pounded 3 or 4 times that morning. But that wasn't the case. The later anglers seemed to have as good a chance of catching a bass as the earlier ones. I'd like to think it was down to skill, but it may have just been luck.

So nowadays when someone cuts off my drift, I don't get upset. Though it is frustrating to paddle half an hour to set up a shoreline drift only to be cut off by an Evinruder with no effort invested, the fish will still be there. Nowadays, they'd starve to death if outboard motors put them off their feed.

In fact, it's not unusual to catch them in the muck stirred up by the departing PB. They stir up the bait on the bottom.
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