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By frios
Fished fina docks in Port A
two days in a row we slammed the reds. Weather was horrible on day 1 but for some reason the reds didn't care. Day 2 weather was fabulous.

all caught on live shrimp under a cork - leader length from cork was about 40 inches. casting right into the rocks/bulkhead.
limited out in about 2 hours each day.
all fish were over 25 inches. Biggest being 31.5. Lost about 5 reds that were easily over 35 inches.

just a blast to catch these monsters on light tackle.
Frios, your big Redfish are beautiful and your dang Port A water is a lot prettier than our northward bays... Well done! We're jealous.

Just remember: "Kayaks? We don't need no stinking kayaks!"


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I did forget to mention;

Day 1
there were two old guys in a small 16ft jon boat about 20 yards from us...they weren't catching anything! but they were cheering us on on every catch! I mean fist pumping, cheering, yelling - saying..."hell yeah! you guys catch em!"

We limited out and told my friend James - lets go. He was like no way...lets just fish for fun now. I said to him....now James...lets not be greedy. He said..ah, you are right. So we as we were taking off we told them to come to us and and anchor and told them were to cast and what rig to use. They were super happy!!

Day 2
We go back to same spot. And guess what. Those two same old guys, but this time he brought his wife were there!
He says to us - hey weren't you the guys here yesterday. We said Yep!
he says to us - Well get over here! squeeze in here! the reds are still here!! We anchored up next to them and we all caught big reds and best of all made friends.

What goes around comes around.

I'm happy to share spots, techniques, etc. there are tons of fish out there to go around.

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