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By mwatson71
Work has been kicking my butt lately and I was supposed to start a jury trial tomorrow but got an email late Thursday that there were not enough potential jurors for our panel so our case was getting reset. Well, you ought to know by now that means I am going to do whatever I can to get on the water. Sent a text out to Shoffer, DD and Kickingback and couldn't get any takers. Conditions weren't looking good - cold, a little windy, low tidal movement. You know who doesn't care about all of that stuff? A thirteen year old boy on a school night.

We loaded up the Hobies and launched at Fat Boys right at 11:30p. The water was the lowest I have ever seen it - it looked to be about 2.5 feet lower than normal. We pedaled out to the island and into the firs canal. My favorite light wasn't on but one a couple of houses down was. We made a few casts at it and nothing. With the wind at our back we headed for Shoffer's favorite light. The last time my son fished at this light a couple of months ago he pulled two slot reds and a 19" speck out of it and I landed a keeper speck as well. Tonight - nothing. But I could see the structure under this light to file away for future trips. I know the light produces and now I know why.

We go back into another canal to a couple of lights right in the middle of a channel that has provided good sized reds on recent trips. He makes the first cast and gets a good hook up but loses it. Feeling a little more energized now, we hit a few more lights and I manage a dink speck - 12" at best. The wind is picking up a bit. I check Windfinder and it's blowing right at 10-12 and it's pretty chilly. We are bundled up pretty well so he wants to keep fishing. I'm kind of ready to call it a night already, but we have now seen signs of catchable fish.

On the way to the next canal, we pass an overhead light that looks like pretty good. Nothing. Turning into the canal, we catch the scent that if I was in the middle of the bay I'd swear was a slick. We could see nothing on the surface and just blind casted to the outside of a few lights and into the middle of the main canal where a few mullet seemed to jump. Nothing. I tell him we need to head in and although he said he wanted to keep fishing, there wasn't much resistance.

Headed back, I could see reefs a foot above the surface of the water that are normally 18-24" below the surface. We were off the water at 2:15a.

We threw at a few more lights coming back just because. I managed a rat red and that's it.

I think if we had headed to the causeway and fished close to the ship channel we might have had better luck.

I know, not an exciting trip or report, but I figure any report is better than no report. Gotta' keep the board alive.
By mwatson71
Ron Mc wrote:excellent report - no time on the water and no time spent with your son is ever wasted.

I tend to agree with those sentiments. He's already asking when we can go again.
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By shoffer
Well done, Watson. Sorry for the slow trip, but I do want to hear about the structure at the bottom of my favorite light so I too can learn why that light has been so good to us in the past.
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By Dandydon
Sorry about not joining you, Mike, but it's obvious you and your son HAVE THE FISHING FEVER! I used to have it, too, but frigid weather and years of age will take their toll... Hello.

Thanks for sharing and we'll fish with you when the weather gets better. Image

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