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By gunnels
I wanted to give a big shout out to Slowride Guide Service.

I've been wade fishing down in Port O'Conner for the last five years. Recently I have really gotten the itch to try kayak fishing. I didn't really have anyone I could learn from so I was looking around for a guide service that could give my buddy and I an introduction. I reached to Dean at Slowride Guide Service in Aransas Pass and scheduled a trip. Dean was great.

The trip started out kind of shaky. My buddy turned over three times within 10 yards of putting in. Dean was very patient and helpful. He gave us a lot of guidance and advice. We learned a lot. Thoroughly enjoyed our time with Dean and felt like it was well worth the money. I ended up buying a kayak a month later.

Thank you Dean.
Early on, I developed the propensity to always hire a recommended local guide when fishing a new area, river, etc. As such, during my many, many years of fishing throughout the US, Mexico, and Central America, I've had the pleasure of fishing with a multitude of different guides. I can say, without a scintilla of reservation, that the most fun guide I've ever fished with has been Dean Thomas. We even got completely skunked once, and it was still a delightfully memorable fishing day. I sorely miss the times we had together on the water.

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