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By stangfisher
Fished lighthouse lake #3 on the 12th and 13th. Got out on the water around 8am on both days. Nice breeze blowing. Just enough to cause a ripple across the water and set up a steady drift. On the 12th I threw nothing but a 1/2oz gold spoon from 8am-130pm and caught a 21" and 22" along with about a dozen others between 12" and 19". Things really heated up on the 13th. Got on the water and took my time setting up my drift considering all the duck hunters. Later in the morning they began to leave and I was able to take full advantage of complete drifts across the bay. Around 10:15am the switch flipped. I had been catching all morning but nothing that I could put on the table. I hooked what was likely a 24"-27" (judging by the size of its tail) that stripped drag. I got it turned, but it turned back and ran again. As I began to get it turned again, it did a head shake and threw my spoon by at me. It hit between the last two eyes on the end of my rod and snapped my rod tip off :x . I sat down a little disturbed. I switched the spoon over to another rod and casted again in the same area and hooked a 22". This one made it to the yak. Once that one was in the boat I managed to hook about 6 more slot reds keeping a 22", 23", and a 25". Felt frustrated about my favorite rod, but that all went down the drain with the limit. Total stringer count for both days was 5 reds all between 21" and 25". Good trip. Good eating.
By mwatson71
Nice job on catching the reds. They seem quite plentiful right now. Bummer about the rod though. Hopefully it is repairable. After my son slammed the car door on my Salinity the first day I used it and broke the tip off, I took it to FTU and they just put another tip on it. It was about 2 inches shorter, but worked just fine.
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By Dandydon
Yes, gold spoons still work, although in my experience the Trout prefer silver ones and Redfish go for gold. Congrats on your many catches and reminder to pack a spoon or two. Our esteemed TKF member Capt. Carl used to sing the praises of spooning.
I like using them when the sun is reflecting off that whirling metal.

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