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By Wolfman57
So last Tuesday I was out with some experienced fishermen and the waves at HI were blowing. Little more chop and wind than I’d prefer but still managed a red. I was the low fisherman for the day.

Wednesday was nicer and Bigfost pulled double digit fish. So not sure how crazy busy the reds are but they are still out there on the nice days.


By bigfost
Nice video. One big difference between Tuesday and Wednesday was water color. It looked like y'all had muddy water and we had emerald green, almost to the beach.

As far as the spawn, most of the fish I caught Wednesday were smallish males, yet none were drumming or spraying milt in my lap. Either the spawn is mostly over (I don't think so), or hasn't really kicked off this year.
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By kickingback
Enjoy watching you catch the big ones and having a great time doing it! Thanks for sharing and posting. I always watch your videos and really get some good tips watching you also. :clap:
By Huskerfan2021
I don't think the spawn has started here from what I have seen and caught. Been pretty average sizes. Sometimes if its warmer it won't start until November. Gonna hit up the marsh a few times this week. Hopefully it starts soon!

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