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By ben_beyer
I went out with Captain Scott Null yesterday. I've been wanting to go after Redfish with a fly rod but I've just never done it. I actually setup the trip back in early March right before everything went into lockdown.

I only caught the one Rat Red but I got to watch it come up from under the fly after coming out from under a Mangrove that I casted up to.

Unfortunately the fishing in the Port O'Connor area has been tough. The water is about 18 inches higher than normal and we could hear Redfish back in the Mangroves. We saw maybe 10 all day whereas they're normally tailing and in schools this time of year.

I can't remember the exact limits, but there was a tournament in Port O'Connor last weekend and I think it was 6 Reds, 10 troute, and 5 Flouder and live bait was allowed. The boat that won brought in something like 1 Red, 5 Trout, and 2 Flounder. I'm sure Captain Scott will talk about it on this weeks Bite Me podcast.
By bones72
Anytime I set out to catch a particular species the specific way I want and actually do that I consider it a win. You definitely did that in spades under tough conditions. Great job!
By ben_beyer
I also like how quiet it can be and if you're cast doesn't land close to where you want it to, you can typically just pick it up and reposition it without have to reel everything back in.
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By Ron Mc
my best fly rod red (32") and best black drum (25") were each on the 5th or 6th presentation.
You swallow your heart a couple of times.
Both fish knew I was there, but my motions were smooth enough - their instinct doesn't know you from a heron if you behave. That's also the advantage of wading v. boat.
The trick is not to line them, and the big red passed right by my feet, so I had to turn and cast 5 times upwind (after already trying downwind a couple).

The red was on the mylar spoon, the drum on the epoxy crab - the crab nabbed a bunch of reds, too.
Both the big black drum and another 23" red another day, liked the crab so much, they each began to swim away from me, shuttered, and ran back for the crab.

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By kickingback
Congrats Sir! The feel and excitement you get from the fly with a red is one feeling most never know as they stay with regular rod and reels. Fly catching is by far more excitement! :clap:
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By karstopo
Ron Mc wrote:
karstopo wrote:Very nice! Stalking fish with the whip sure is fun.

hey stranger - don't you owe us a few fishing reports? :mrgreen:

As soon as I go fishing. Been a mostly fishing trip free pandemic for me. I don’t know how Covid19 correlates to fishing, but somehow it has.
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