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By fishingw/f.o.c.
Need some help here. Does anyone have some recommendations on how to pack braided line on a reel nice and tight? I just hate having to take my reels in to have someone do it with a machine. Just wondering if there is something someone has made that can do the same job.
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By Ron Mc
machines are awful to your reel.
I put the reel on a rod in a clamp rod holder, run the braid only through the bottom rod guide.

Put the new line spool on an axle clamped in a bench vise.
I run the line through a phone book with a weight on top to maintain tension.

Works great, and gives me a free hand for level wind
What makes a good hand level wind is always make an intimate line lay in one direction, and a wider, faster line lay in the other.

When you're all spooled up, the setup in my first photo also makes it easy to set your drag with a spring balance
(another antique, but no reason for the Salter spring to creep when it's stored relaxed)
Since I have old line winders around (for antique reels), I can put the line winder in the vise to take all the line off the reel.
Work on the reel and spool the line back onto the reel.
In the old days of silk and cuttyhunk (linen), they had to dry their lines on winders to keep them from rotting.
(you also see a lot of old rotted reels because the owner didn't dry his line)
I bought several of these on ebay for peanuts, but I'm down to two now, so not selling any more...

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