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AyJay wrote:Billings has ribbons. I got an extra dozen for anyone that needs a few.

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Great, I'll call Clems just before I arrive and if they have them I'll get a dozen; otherwise I think between you and Blake I could cobble together a 1/2 dozen to buy from you guys. See you tomorrow.

Oh and I'm bringing extra Bonine motion sickness pills in case anyone forget theirs.

All in all a good time, I had a blast. I didn't catch any kings (this was my first time fishing for kings and i am treating it more as a learning experience ). I did get to capture a few moments for others while they caught their kings.

I wanna say there were a total of 6 or 7 kings caught that I know of.
One thing is for sure though I am definitely looking forward to doing it again.
Blake will post up a report at some point I'm sure. I'll piggy back my full report onto his but here is the cliff notes version of my report.

We had to avoid a storm at the start of the trip so delayed launching till around 8 ~ 8:30 I believe.
Water was glass just about early in the morning. Beautiful clear blue water out at the 1st rig. wind picked up to 15 with an unfavorable direction and waves were getting rough by the time it was advised to head in (~1:00ish). I made it back to the beach by about 2:30 (2 miles took 1.5 hours if that tells you anything!)

Not a ton of fish were caught but it was a slow trickle of "fish on" over the radio. I witnessed a guy catch what must have been around a 50" king, real neat!.

I didn't land any kings but I did catch about 7 fish. I was fishing a home made sabiki rig at the rig and caught last night's dinner of spade fish. They are easy to catch and real tasty, but you need to give a slow presentation which involved holding still and fighting the current while vertical jigging (not easy with my paddle yak!).

Also a number of bonito were caught (I caught 1 too). Maybe they scared off the kings!
Yeah man, I was the guy in the Yellow Scrambler xt (the banana :lol: ). I forgot to get your number to send you the pics of you and the spade fish. (3 of them) I sent them to Blake for the report. PM your number if you want them.
Had a blast I think next time I am taking a note from AYJay and bringing an anchor, as I kept drifting to fast to put my lures and baits to the bottom or keep them in front of the spadies and triggers.

I still can't believe you decided to take off for the far rigs, I bet your arms felt like jello by the time you were done.
I remember you! funny how we remember people by their kayak lol. PM sent.

Was AyJay the guy that caught the 50 footer while anchored up and just freelining his ribbon near the rig? I got some good pics of him with his fish.

I probably could have done much better on the spades/ triggers had I stayed put and busted out my rig hook, but I didn't see a good place to connect it to. I also had a bit of tunnel vision, hate when that happens!
I even caught 2 snappers. I thought they were undersized reds but turns out they we lane snappers. aka I could have kept them because they were definitely over 8" :(

But I thought I was getting into undersized fish so decided I really wanted a king more, so unfortunately left fish to find fish!

I made it halfway to the far rigs but the weather had soured and I thought better of it along with the other guy I was with (Brett think his name was). We both turned around to get back at that point. And ya, I was pretty much dead once I got back to the breakers. Did the Ol' Paris Hilton move back to the shore haha.
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