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By Tombo
1st fish tossing a swim bait near a drain, not much water movement but I never pass up this drain hoping for flounder. Lower slot.
2nd fish was a lower slot red blind casting around a larger drain, nice and it was only 0715.
3rd fish casting to a pair of reds with their backs out of the water cruising the shore line. This one was 25 1/4", big difference from previous two.
4th fish I was cruising a mud flat scraping the bottom when I saw a small wake. This was about a 17' red.
5th red I switched to a spinner lure trying to do something different due to all the 2' shrimp jumping around. Saw some good mud boils in a about a foot of water. Managed to land another lower slot casting around the mud boils.
Was around 1045 and was getting too hot for me and the fish. Previous 3 trips I caught nothing legal so this was nice.
Eating crow from previous trips.
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By Tombo
kickingback wrote:Yeah boy! That's a good red to eat! Well done and thanks for sharing your report! Good pictures!!! :clap:

You are being too kind. I need to find another place to store the camera where it won't get splashed.
Enjoyed your fishing report, Tombo, but couldn't figure out your thumbnail photo of that sausage plate!

I'm guessing you were countering those hot Reds with some tasty hot dogs...?

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