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Dandydon wrote:One thing good about the Sea Isle "flats" is that there is a drop-off area beyond the pier toward those shell islands. According to my paddle depth finder, it drops from 3 to about 5 feet. Sometimes you'll see crab traps lined up along there.

That's where I look for Trout when the sun comes up. Last fall with Kickingback I landed a solid 24" speck over there casting a white 4"Norton Sand Eel, Jr. That was big fun.

Hope is what keeps us coming back.

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Ya I know what area you are talking about. I was actually out there about a week ago and walked that shell reef way out until it got deeper, but by that time it was mid day. It was more for me to get a lay of the land. I did land one keeper trout off the pier 5 mins after launch but that was it for the good ones; I’m sure there are more though. I bet this area is good during fall and spring.

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Definitely not v1. Looks like a v2 from the pics

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