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By ben_beyer
The in-laws are headed to Port A at the beginning of August. I'll have some work stuff to have to deal with but I will probably at least try to go down for a few days. I was thinking of fishing the flats and drop offs on B&R and to the West of Lighthouse Lakes or even Estes.

Does that sound like an OK plan or do I need to go to other areas during that time of year?
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By Ron Mc
Brown & Root still has a lot of water in low summer tides. It's a long paddle, and you want to get out very early and off the water early.
On Estes, Estes Cove east of Talley Is. has good water then, and that's a short paddle from Palm Harbor.
By Kayak Kid
I'll go with RonMc's recommendation.

Slow drifting Estes and fishing the bare spots has always (mostly) paid off with nice catches of keeper specs. I've had the best luck spin fishing a Gulp wiggle tail. Estes has usually provided clear water, due to all the grass, so I used a light coloured lure. If possible, fish Estes during the week to avoid the occasional pb idiots.

The shallow, grass bottomed areas around the 'islands' proved to produce some nice reds on the fly. My go to was usually one of my Dahlburg Divers. My deer head ties are quite ugly, bit the reds seem to like them.
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By Neumie
Ken S wrote:Can anyone out in ay=t Palm Harbor? Charge?

I haven't been since to Covid stuff, but it was a $5 per vehicle parking fee (cash only). And it is a parking fee and not a launching fee when you're talking to them.
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By Ron Mc
adding to Josh's post, I suspect it's related to their insurance, but you're paying to Park (past the dumpster) - and their bulkhead has a nice beach for getting in the water.
this is about the same tide you'll be facing
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By Ron Mc
You still need the kayak to get across the intercoastal and up to Turtle Bayou or Trout Bayou - you're not going to wade very far from Palm Harbor.
By ben_beyer
I realize that and I guess I should have stated where lol.

Option #2 for me would be to wade the area on the South Side of Wilson's towards Croaker Hole, the south east side of B&R, or maybe even try the beech front.
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By Ron Mc
When we paddle B&R on the prevailing wind, fish the shore on our way out, then head straight upwind to hit Harbor Is and get out for awhile. We've had some good wading there, especially in low tides, and then catch fish drifting back.
By ben_beyer
I'll give that a try.

Option 1 that I was planning was to paddle out the cut from the oil pipeline (I'm guessing that's what it is) and then going around those little islands out there and drifting to see what I can catch making a loop back to the launch. According to Google Earth, that cut is only about a mile long.

Option 2 that I thought might be a better idea for this time of year was to launch by the bridge fishing the flat on the northside of B&R and then have the deeper water there for later in the morning.

I don't plan to venture too far since I want to be off the water by 10:30 or 11 AM.
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By Ron Mc
Where B&R channel tees with the sailboat channel, fish often stack up deep in the heat, so try it on the way in.
Bait or something heavy you can cast against the slope and slow jig.

When I was a teenager, we used to set up generator lights at the sailboat channel and catch specs all night.
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By Neumie
Wadfishing options if you choose to leave your kayak at home.

Shamrock Area:
The flat between the oil field caliche road and Boot Cove/Croaker Hole (highlighted in red) will either be dry or too shallow to hold fish. You could park north of Wilson's cut and wade north towards the area called Spanish Islands (highlighted in green). The bottom is pretty firm through the area.


B&R Flats:
You should be able to park a good way down on the south portion of B&R flats (highlighted in yellow)as the sand should be firm. This would give great access to wade fish the south shoreline and be protected from SE winds if they're kicking.


Ingleside on the Bay:
This small flat can be accessed by the road where it makes a hard right turn (highlighted in yellow). It'll be about chest deep with a grassy bottom, but there is harder bottoms towards Cook Islands. Nice little flat that I fish often for those quick trips from my kayak.


Deadman's Hole (aka Church Hole):
This is always a good wade fishing option as well. Really anywhere from Packery Channel north to Fish Pass. You could always drive down to the end of Fish Pass and wade south to what I refer to as the "Bulk Heads". There's also a road on the north side of Corpus Christi Pass which, depending on tides and rainfall, could lead all the way to Kate's Hole.


Although I prefer PINS in cooler months it does offer great year round wade fishing. The sand flats are about 6 inches and they drop off to 3-4 feet. Work this drop off south of the windsurfer's shack concentrating on casting to sand potholes in the grass. It's a $10 per vehicle entrance fee, but it's remote (no cell service) and tranquil.

By ben_beyer
Well, the solunar table looks good for Sunday and Monday. The water is high (I'm assuming) and the water is way off color (also assuming) but now the temps are only with highs in the mid to high 80s. Winds will be 10-15 mph and SSE to ESE.

How does this change things for early August?
By outbreaker
I just got back from that area that the Hurricane really jacked with my plans. I was there 7/27-7/30

All the water was 1-2 feet higher than normal.
No incoming tide only outgoing, incoming tide was a slack tide against the water rushing out. This made the kayaking very tricky.
Packery Channel required 8oz of weight to keep anything on the bottom.
on 7/30 the water was just starting to head back to normal. You should be seeing normal about now.

I was on Reds and Trout fishing channels near turtle grass flats.
By ben_beyer
Trip went well and I fished B&R. The first two days I went out to the bowl and back catching trout. Some were pretty good and will be eaten next week.

I also hooked into an upper slot Redfish. It was at the kayak and made another run going under my kayak. With my rod doubled over, I quickly grabbed the leader and then it was gone along with my lure.

I also caught a Jack. If that's not correct, please let me know what it is.

The third day I went down the old pipeline channel and cut over to the marsh. I saw some small Rat Reds tailing and primarily scouted the area. Maybe I'll have to bring a fly rod when I'm back down there in a month.
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By Ron Mc
that's called a horse-eyed jack.
One place you catch a lot of those are the 11' platforms in Aransas Bay - fished those platforms with my dad showing up before first light, waiting for schoolie specs to swim through - it can pay off - and waiting for them tinkering with a fly rod and slime line will bring up quite a few horse-eyed jacks

Thanks for the report and photos.
By ben_beyer
I think Hurricane Hanna helped in that it was just enough rain to help clean the water, bring it up, and cool down the area. The mosquitoes were BAD around where we stayed but other than that, pretty good conditions.
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