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By TxAquatics
Sea Isles
Drum bay
10mph sw wind

Thanks to Watson report, I couldn't let a day off go by without night fishing. I was originally gonna do a day trip to Jumbile cove, put in off bob smith road. Well plans change. I decide on an early twilight excursion followed by an early morning top water bite. I put in a Sea Isle ramp around 330am, there was a major feeding from 330 to 530 on the incoming tide. Well there were minimal fish on the canal lights, I paddled to the second canal after the ramp and picked up baby sandies. I move on the the canals by the bay and the wind was whipping, since I'm a paddler it makes it more difficult. None the less I make it to a bay light with fish popping. I hook up to the first decent fish, 13 inch spec. I continue to cast and was getting short strikes, kinda aggravating. I keep at it and land a few more baby specks, no mamas. I paddle to the next canal and same thing, bait fish were gone and once in a while I would see a single minnow swim around n get slurpped up by a small fish. I check our the last canal by the pier, no luck, I move to the pier light, its 615am, I have a chose, paddle over to the grass line or pack up and hit another spot. With the wind kicking I opt to paddle back and move. I kind wish I would have tired top water at the grass line for at least 30 minutes.
Drum bay access, cast net live bait and hit the same spot that held fish last week. Well the tide was still super low, even though high tide was at 10am. The tide barley rolled in a little at 10am. I land a keeper sheephead with live shrimp, followed by hardheads, and finally a speck(13incher), what's the deal with the undersized trout, lol. I keep at it hoping reds would be cruising, and nada, 11am rolls around and I'm beat. I paddle back, pack up and head home looking forward to the next trip, :D
By the way, can you park on bob smith at the half way point to launch at Jumbile cove? I see there is an opening in the fence, also Ty from 30 miles out used the same opening a few years back on one of his episodes..
I had a pic of the sheepy, wouldn't load.
Anyhow till next time.

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