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By TxAquatics
Drum Bay
12 mph west wind

Launched at a drum bay access around 730am. There were about 7 other anglers also launching, so it was gonna be tight. I paddled drum last November, only made it to a middle lake before the ICW. I only had a nice flounder tease me before she darts at the boat. Well this time I cast net some live bait, might as well have it on hand. My fishing bud and I paddle out, he heads to the mine field of oysters, I yell at him to come back, I've gotten stuck in it before, sucks. I anchor next to a deep cut running by an oyster bar. I cast live shrimp on a cork and let it run 6 inches to the bar, fish on, nice 17 inch red. Next few shrimp get taken by trash fish. I switch to mullet and let it swim with the cork. Fish on, a nice fat 15 inch speck. So 1 fish on the shrimp and 1 on mullet, time to switch to artificials. I cast out and no luck. Then 2 kayakers roll up on my and drift right over the oyster bar, they must have been newbies, I yell at them paddle out of there. Both are hung up and struggling, they finally get out and I'm nice enough to tell them there are fish hitting by the oyster bar. Well what do you know, they anchor right in front of me, oh well. The get no bites and move on quickly, I was snacking in the mean time. I cast out my chicken boy lure and bam fish on, another undersized red, fought hard. I took a picture of this one, my fist red on my shimano slx, nice feeling. We paddle over to the old ICW and no luck, the wind picked up more too. We call it a day around 12pm right on time to get out of the heat.
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By kickingback
Glad you have been getting out and catching! Good for you! Thanks for the report! Always good info in good reports!! :clap:

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