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By SJackson
Went out early morning to be ready before the sunrise. Launched from San Luis marina wasn't getting much action in cold pass in the morning so went into Titlum-Tatum Bayou. Caught a rat red and an undersized trout after about 9am called the day a bust and started going back out to cold pass to try my luck one more time. Decided to throw on a silver spoon and cast and paddle my way back across the pass to go home. Hit the gut right between the two sand bars in cold pass and the bite went crazy. Caught 3 nice trout in 3 casts in a row. Had one more trout that got away right before I went into the marina. I always forget to try the spoon so glad I didnt forget this time.
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By Chubs
Thanks for the report and lures tip

We've got our pack trip this coming Sunday so this is good intel!

We are planning to hit this area 1st thing in the AM then head to bird island area
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By Dandydon
Spoons still catch fish, but few people think to throw them. The specks like that rotating silver flash, especially when it's sunny. You can fish the whole water column with it. Keep up the good work.

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By TxAquatics
Nice trout, yeah for a moment the trout will come in and you have your chance. I have been at the end of my trip twice and bam the fish come in.
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By YakRunabout
Great report and nice fish pics. It is great when fish action finally shows up on the way in, to finally save the day!
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By kickingback
Nice looking fish you caught. Thanks for sharing your report as it helps many with good info to remember. :clap:
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