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By Johnny5455
Launched on the intercoastal at 6am. Headed straight for the marsh and strung up the first flounder at around 7:30. Fooled it with a pearl chartreuse knockin tail lure just blind casting at a point. I caught my first rat red not long after that, casting to some bait getting busted up on the grass line.

I went an hour without a hit so I started throwing a popping cork with a gulp mullet and caught my second keeper flounder and two more rat reds fairly quick.

Throughout the day I lost a couple of nice flounder at the net, seems to happen every trip now. Oh well they felt nice on the end of my line. I saw a couple small schools of redfish but couldn't get them to take my lures. The water level was high so they were hard to spot.

All in all I had a great day fishing. I haven't been to this marsh in a while so it was nice to explore it again. I didn't see any other kayaks all day, that really surprised me. I had a 5 mile paddle back to the launch into 10-13 mph winds, boy I was whipped when I got back. I usually fish my way back but I stayed out too late and needed to head to the truck. Can't wait to get back out there!
Thanks for reading, tight lines y'all!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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By Dandydon
Good informative report and photos, Johnny.
Congrats on the flounder. This year I caught only three of those. Hope they don't reduce our daily flounder limits again!

As for the lack of boat traffic, we fished the Sea Isle canals last night and saw no other boats until sunrise.

Watch for Capt. Watson's report.

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By mwatson71
Thanks for the report and photos. I need to be better about pictures but I do most of my fishing right now at night and good action photos of fishing are difficult to take. And I've already donated one iPhoneX to the bay this year.

Just curios, what part of the coast did you fish?
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By kickingback
Great report and thank you for sharing! I love to drag Gulp in the marsh to get flounder. They love any soft bait types you throw but you have to fish the spots they hide at. Well done on catching! :clap:

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