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I am planning on driving down early tomorrow morning to Aransas Pass to fish lighthouse lakes. I've fished this area several times and I'm familiar with the different lakes, but I don't get down there too often since I live in Houston. I was wondering if anyone knows how the water clarity and water levels have been since the hurricane? Looks like there is supposed to be a high tide around 7 am at the Port A jetties. I will be fly fishing and if the water is dirty and high I may scrap the trip since it would be difficult to do any sight casting. Thanks in advance.
I was there 7/27-7/30. Bay was about 1-2 feet high and the tide was going out all day, every day. High tide at most caused a slack tide.

Water clarity was good by Galveston standards and ok by CC standards.

When I left the bay was almost back to normal and it was clearing up well. I did the best with pinfish near the channels next to grass flats.
the traditional salmon fly Mrs. Simpson tied on a size 2 stainless hook using saddles or pheasant rump makes a great pinfish.
Tie in a piece of kiptail or similar stiff fur, a pair of hen saddles in back will give you vertical bars. If you have the pheasant rump, use a pair up front, or a pair of rooster saddles and pinch off the tips to get the triangular shape.
My go to fly is a clouser that, I think, is a good pin fish pattern. I usually tie it on Sixe 6 Gamakatsu semi circle hook.the colors are black, chartreuse, pink and white, with a few stands of crystal flash. OF course that is black on top with white on the bottom as the fly works through the water. I have had best results with red dumbell eyes in XS for shallow and medium for deeper cuts.

Even thought I use four colors, I try to keep it pretty sparse.

Specks will kill tihs fly when the standard chartreuse and white get ignored.

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