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By spoon
To the opening poster.. You forgot to add the "real deal" info... So I'll finish the truth for your post.

"I promise to beg and beg for a second person for safety until I get someone to commit.

However, since I have zero integrity, be warned that my little three person group will go behind your back and change plans/days without giving you ANY notice... with no regard to anyone else- regardless if the people who had committed took time off from work, made plans, used vacation time etc... Because it's all about ME.

It won't matter to me or my group one bit.

I also promise to try and sell you broken gear, hoping you don't notice and then playing dumb...

Then I lastly promise to continually wonder why" No one ever fishes with me more than once"
Maybe you should look in the mirror Mr Ladrón.

To all reading this, consider this a PSA and don't say I didn't warn you.
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