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By bones72
Well the heat continues (with hopefully a shot at some rain) so ventured into tying up some Rio Getters. Did some in "caddis green" Ice Dub and some in "golden brown" Ice dub. Used black spannflex for the legs on the green ones and brown barred tan nymph sili legs on the brown ones (hard to see the brown legs in the photo.

Rio Getters II.jpg
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By ben_beyer
The RIo Getter and Jim's Creek Damsel are 2 patterns that I want to try soon. Might be a while before work slows down enough lol.
By bones72
These are what I tie up for damsels. The furled tails are kind of a pain but decided to go my own way on a damsel pattern because no one offers the colors I wanted at the time. Started to them in Colorado on Spinney and Tarryall reservoirs because most of the damsels where purple or and iridescent rusty brown and many times the notoriously picky fish of Spinney would snub a damsel in "damsel blue". I need to do a more heavily hackled parachute variant for down here; I bet the creek bass would love them.

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By flydoc
The adult male damsel blue is predominent at Spinney with the female beige second.. I tie on big blue and trail the female on top and cast to the risers in the shallows.. Never fished Tarryall but may try someday it's close by.

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