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By stangfisher
Anyone want to spoon? Gold spoon that is. Launched at 6am Friday. Threw a pumpkin seed chartreuse assassin, an electric chicken, and a glow chartreuse with multiple different speed and retrieve variations. Had a few hits. Caught a rat red and one 11" trout. Kept throwing those until 9 with not much luck. Kept seeing red after red but they just weren't taking it. Switched to a gold spoon and started fishing around a relatively large school of mullet that were acting jumpy around grassy potholes. First cast...24inch red. Between about 915 and 1130 I reeled in 18 reds that could have been put on a stringer, including 2 oversized. Simply cast and reel. No fancy retrieve used. Limited out with a 21, 22 and 24 inch red. I would say the average size was 24 inches. Never in my life have I experienced what I have read about so many times. Had the time of my life and can definitely say my kayak fishing is ramping up
By stangfisher
Been fishing the coast for 20 years. Only the second time I got into something like this. But this time was a much faster pace than I've ever had before. I've limited out in 45 minutes before, but never have I caught that many keepers of that size consecutively. It's always been keeper, 5 rats, keeper, 15 rats...and so on. This time was a blast that made my body hurt.
By outbreaker
My grandfather and I were fishing once at the mouth of the San Bernard toward the end of summer.

We were cast netting 3" mullet. Anything bigger or smaller the fish would not hit.

We caught over 50 bull reds in 4 hours. None of them were small enough to keep. And back then they had to be under 36". We quit fishing because our arms hurt so much we could not cast anymore.

Best day for Reds I ever had......and we were disappointed because we brought no fish home to eat.
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