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Too many assumptions on my part. Will use these in my kayak along with a fishing partner. Also use them at HOW events as they use this style radio. Was kayak fishing lately where there was no phone reception. This was an eye opener, ie no communication.
So, must be water resistant and float. Rechargeable would be a plus.
Keep in mind about marine-band VHF - it's illegal to broadcast from shore unless you have a station license.

Citizen band UHF walkie-talkies would be better for most family activities, and you can find dual band VHF/UHF if you want one that will connect you with the USCG and fishing buddies.

but if can keep your marine-band VHF wet and legal, can't beat Standard Horizons for range and battery life.
I would probably grab two of the SH HX40, the most compact VHF offered by anyone.
A comment on a radio accessory, not a specific radio - an attached wired speaker/microphone.
My pfd has pockets in which I carry my radio and my camera, so they are both handy and with me at all times. My radio has an attached wired mic/speaker which I place on the strap of the pfd right by my cheek so I can both hear and easily push the button to speak. This way I do not need to handle the radio in order to answer.

I have a Cobra brand radio, but I see this accessory is also available for many Standard Horizon radios mentioned previously. These are likely available on others as well.

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