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By Yakety_Yak
Kalait wrote:Glenn, that looks great, where did you guys put into the river?

Glenn didn't go down the river, it was Wolfman. I'm curious as well as to where he launched and ended. If I do that trip ever, I will have to give him a call to get more details. :)
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By Earl
Thanks for the nice video and posting your trip. It is a nice time of year to be on that section of the Brazos. It looks like they were releasing a decent amount of water so you did not have to drag boats. Were there many others doing overnight while you there?

By Wolfman57
Hey Earl, yes the weather was incredible and the water cold. I’ve paddled the Brazos at 85cfs and it was pretty rough. It’s ideal to be over 100cfs. This trip was right after the storms and the flow was 420cfs and it was great. It was releasing at 2,000cfs and I was waiting for it to drop the. We jumped on it. Fantastic paddle just wish it were closer to houston.
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By Squidward
I have taken several overnight trips on the mighty Brazos and I would have to say this river is where my fishing obsession was started. I was mostly in the Sugar Land area but I would highly recommend a trip down this river. If anyone wants some information on doing a trip in this area just send me a message.

Great video! Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to the day when my kids are old enough to take a trip down this awesome river.

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