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By impulse
To anyone contemplating the drive on this Easter Sunday...

The wind is howling in the wrong direction, the tide is about 1-1/2' high, and the waves in the canal are even higher than that.
So I doubt I'll even see the lights tonight. It'll be too rough and murky.

Stay home with family. You won't miss any fishing.
By impulse
Let me modify my last statement... If you can get into one of the winding canals that's not exposed to the wind off the bay, you may get in some fishing. I just drove around the neighborhood, and some of the back canals are fishable in terms of wind and chop. But the canals exposed to the bay are pretty dicey.
By mwatson71
evilduck wrote:I've wanted to fish sea isle but I didn't think you could launch from marina unless your a resident. Is that true?

There are chains at the boat ramp in the marina that require a key to unlock them. I think you get a key if you are either a resident.

I would never be able to lift a boat over the chain.

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