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goetzmann wrote:Add me to the list please. Greg O. I will try to be there.


Sounds good, I will see you there.

matthew.terry wrote:I've been having a blast inshore fishing and would love to give btb a shot. Mark me down. I'll go over the links and make sure I've got all the gear.

Awesome! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. 832-588-7091

PS: To everyone, another update will be posted up by this evening. We are two weeks away from this outing. I want to mention to everyone that as we get to the week of the outing, pay close attention to the updates. A few years ago a couple of people showed up to the outing and it had been postponed a week due to bad conditions. One of them was not happy and the other understood (they didn't notice the updates and that is why they showed up to a postponed outing). I want to make sure I keep you guys updated so that you don't waste a trip out there for nothing. The best way to do that is by giving updates. The final update going into the outing will be that Thursday going into the weekend. As mentioned in the original thread, if the outing gets postponed, I will move it to the following weekend until I find a good weekend to hold the outing on. If there are questions, you can post on here, PM me, or call me (my number is posted on the thread as well as above).
smithhancel wrote:Add me please Darwin Ramos aka: BOBOY23

Enviado desde mi SM-N976V mediante Tapatalk

Added, welcome!!

matthew.terry wrote:My yak has no rudder, how much of an issue will this be btb?

A rudder will definitely help but is not mandatory. I had a Santa Cruz Raptor awhile back and I didn't have a rudder on it. In it's defense though, the kayak already tracked straight without the rudder and turning wasn't really an issue with just paddles. Every kayak is different.
Kalait wrote:
SWFinatic wrote:Kalait I'm sure the one Yakety_Yak has is better quality but here's an inexpensive gaff that will get the job done. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BH ... UTF8&psc=1

Here's a video on how to make a spear gaff for about the same price if you choose to go that route. I think if a gaff works best if you choose one of the two. https://youtu.be/t6s5_StObuo

Thanks, looking at it and hope to order it shortly.

Got it, rigging my answer to telephone poling very shortly.
Wqasz wrote:Can anyone recommend some ready made gear that I could just get from Academy in order to be prepared?


Pyramid Weight Size

Thanks, add me to the list please.

I have added you to the list.

In regards to your question(s), you can buy pre-made leaders at places such as Academy, FTU (Fishing Tackle Unlimited), Roy's Bait & Tackle, but if the ribbon fish is smaller than your leader, you will have to cut and re-tie your leaders to fit the ribbons. Also, pre-made leaders in stores generally don't always come with additional things on it like a skirt or weight. Usually what you will get is the hooks, wire line/leader, and swivel. That is why many make the leaders themselves so you can fix them to what you want. The link to a video that is provided in my thread shows how to make these leaders.

Other items, such as VHF radio, fish bag, gaff, etc.. can be bought online or in stores such as ACK (Austin Canoe & Kayak), FTU, and Roy's. The radio can be bought online or found at places such as West Marine. The lowest prices on radios usually online is Hodge's Marine.

I hope this all helps. Tight lines!!

PS: If you are looking for specs on the king leaders, check out the video I mentioned above and it has all that info in it at the very beginning.
Kalait wrote:Guessing this weekend is a wash due to the Tropical Storm/Hurricane in the Gulf. :( Forecast to hit southeast Lousiana on Sunday.

Be checking the updates on my thread at the very top of the first page. I will make the final call on Thursday around lunch ish. I am aware of the disturbance in the Gulf. I'm keeping my eye on it but I will say that it's not looking the greatest at the moment. Let's see where we are in a few days.
niswanger wrote:
Lima Charlie wrote:**WARNING** Fishing with Yakety_Yak is ADDICTIVE.

LOL, I bet, have yet to fish with him and just talking to him is addictive :)

Low chances I'll make it, but the more I think about it, I feel this would be a great way to have a go before our duo outing targeted in mid-July.

So we might as well count you in and expect you there. :)
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