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I contributed exactly one thing to TKF and that was starting this thread so long ago. And look what you assclowns did to it. There hasn't been a worthless post in over a year. That's going to change. Right here right now. I can only blame myself for the decline of the most incredible thread on here. I let life get in my way of presenting you all with worthless information. I'm sorry. It's been a while since I posted. I have a lot of catching up to do. I have so many questions. Is Dumas still on his lifetime ban or did he come back... Again. Is Bill still stroking his goat? Is Big rock really all that big of is he just bragging?
Bigrock wrote:
Alsatian wrote:
Bigrock wrote:Yes
Your post totally sucks
Thanks, I need that
Ka-ching the post count sings!

It good to see that you're still around.

God Save the Queen

Junkyard Chihuahua posted a link tonight on the GD forum to the Sex Pistols album and implored us all to listen. Loud. I couldn't help myself in that response.
Hey Bigrock, you remember 12 mile? We went up it a few weeks ago. Water's looking amazing. Nothing but tons of the little bass they released early this year, but give it some time, Twin Buttes is gonna be a monster lake again. We need to go fishing soon my dear sir!
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