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By stangfisher
My wife and I are getting back into kayak fishing. Just got done building my trailer. I just need to know what distance the PVC pipes need to be at to cradle the kayaks?
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By kickingback
Depends on your kayaks. Put them on the trailer before screwing them in and get the location where they ride in the groove along the botom of kayak if you travel with them in the normal position. If you want to store on side to get more kayaks then use them to "cradle" the kayak when on it's side. Just an input...
By SWFinatic
Mine are 12" apart but that is for 4" PVC. Different size PVC will change that distance. Also I used sewer PVC pipe instead of schedule 40. The sewer pipe is thinner wall and has a little more flex and not as rigid.
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By Neumie
This is just an FYI, because I know this is an extremely popular way to store/transport Hobie kayaks. In the Hobie's owner's manual using PVC is not recommended and could void the warranty.
By stangfisher
Thanks for all the help fellas. Picked them up yesterday from fin factory in Corpus. Good group of people. When transporting I will let them ride on PVC. Took the advice and adjusted the pipes to each hull. I'll store them using what Neumie posted.
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By niswanger
Here's how I did mine for my PA 14...it's a little more than you need, but I think at about 1min 30secs into the video I stay my distance between cross members for the bunks (78"?). I think Hobie recommends 76"

I've had my two Hobie kayaks on this trailer now for 2 years w/o issue. The bunks have stress-relaxed in a slight bow/depression but no so much it will turn my yaks into warped bananas as I recall seeing at Florida kayak rentals back in the mid-90's.


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